viernes, febrero 16, 2024

A Valentine's Day with Rising Phoenix

As my friend, the challenger of the unknown Patrick Von Steiner said in the previous post, I spent Valentine's Day with Rising Phoenix, one of the main member of the group known in this blog as The Upstarts. I don't think they even mind now about us calling them that. They have gone through a lot since we became aware of them. The entire day was quite the experience. I was driven in a limousine and then in a helicopter to the destination, a castle somewhere in Europe. I was blindfolded all the way. The people who took me there were heavily armed mercenaries. They seemed worried that someone would try something. Not surprising given the strange position they find themselves in now.

Rising Phoenix in a fully human form, rocking a red dress that simulated flames gave me a most warm welcome. She seemed ecstatic to have me there. There was an orchestra and firecrackers, and a drones that formed a phoenix in the sky. There were other members of the Upstarts, but they were busy in their own stuff. It was a romantic day, but I could feel that there was more to it than just spending Valentine's Day with me. I could see in her eyes that she wanted to tell me something and that she was waiting for the right moment to tell it. She wanted me there for that revelation. At one point it felt like she was just stalling. Not that it was unpleasant. We had a great dinner, we danced at their private club... I let her decide when she would be ready to show me the big secret, the real reason I was there. And so will you. See you in my next post.

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