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The three Augustus Severinus Píngolas

The members of the Upstarts, not just Rising Phoenix seemed to enjoy very much my confusion. Although I could come up with explanations for what I was seeing, none of them came even close to justify their pride and happiness for allegedly capturing their hatred enemy. How could they even be sure that any of their prisoners or all of them were the real Agustus Severinus Píngolas? After all, we are talking about someone who is an expert on disguise and conspiracies. I would never take anything for granted with him.

One of the Upstarts, Ravaging Bear, laughed as big as he is, and told Rising Phoenix to explain me the situation. My date smiled as the cat who just ate the proverbial bird and holding my hands talked to me looking into my eyes, like peering into my very soul. "We captured these three. They may be the real deal or not, but even none of them are the real one, they for sure are connected to that bastart. Now we are gonna study them, from top to the bottom, and then we shall decide our next step. I wanted you to know. We are back, better than ever. The Academy will welcome us back and will make it greater and more powerful that the great founders could ever dream. Now go back with your friends and tell them to be careful. they don't want to get between us and our prey." When she finished that mixture of advice and warning, she kissed me. I could feel her inner fire in my lips. She isn't bluffing. I am afraid Augustus Severinus Píngolas is playing with fire and that everyone is going to pay for it.

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