domingo, febrero 18, 2024

Rising Phoenix reveals her surprise

We were alone, holding hands in of the towers of the castle. Rising Phoenix had a big smile. Her eyes were shining. She got very close to my face and almost whispered, "I want to show you something". Then I knew it was the moment I was waiting for. I followed her through a maze of corridors and stairs until a very old fashioned dungeon. Other Upstarts were there, in silence. I could see there were three people in individual cells, it was obvious they were three prisoners of my host and her friends. They wore hoods and were mostly covered in darkness, so I couldn't tell who they were or if they looked familiar or not.

With a very theatrical gesture, Rising Phoenix turned up the lights inside the cells and I could see then clearly that the three of them looked like the very enigmatic master of disguise Augustus Severinus Píngolas, but like they were taken from different points of his lifetime. A young, an adult and an old man. Enjoying my face of confusion, my date said gleefully, "We captured the bastard that tried to ruined our lives." That didn't clear much for me, because they were still three people and their goal was only one. What was going on? As you can already guess, this will need another entry. To be continued...

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