miércoles, enero 27, 2010

Let the blood run...

It's been a while since my last entry my dears and things have changed dramatically since then in the Academy. The public announcement of the deal of non agression between the Resistance and the Children of the New World has shocked them. They were planning to fuel a bloody war between both groups while they kept themselves safe behind thanks to their army, the ten famous squadrons. But now that is old news as their beloved books. Ellen Blackmoon is launching an offensive anywhere and anytime she can hurt them. Don't trust the media, well, you should never do it anyway but right now the Assembly is trying to sell a fake story where their mighty security forces defeat their enemies easily and make them go away in fear. I've been in one of those attacks and hear me, it's a BIG lie. I went through academic corpses to get to a somewhat calm place and had to kill a few myself. Thankfully Children of the New World know who is their target and ignored me. My only loss was my beautiful white dress, I will remember it fondly.

Right now I am leaving to New York with some noblemen who want to leave this bloodbath. They want an urgent meeting with the Assembly council, they are talking about a War declaration. Let's see where this leads. Things are moving pretty fast.

May Isis be with you! Hugs and kisses, Lady Atalanta

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