miércoles, diciembre 13, 2017

Happy Birthday Zirconia Starfighter!

The amazing cyberwarrior Zirconia Starfighter

Today is the birthday of one of our finest allies and closest friends. A brave cyberwarrior and a woman of many talents (model, dancer, graphic designer...) Let's send our best wishes to the Amazing Zirconia Starfighter and let's celebrate it as the occasion deserves. I am sure that we will soon live new adventures together. I have been away for too long and Gwen Marsters was too busy managing this place and searching for my interdimensional expedition. It's time to check if the many enemies of humanity have taken that "time off" to plot new sinister plans. I am pretty sure that Zirconia Starfighter will play a big role undoing those plans. But for the moment, let her enjoy her day.

Ready to fight the threats hidden in the Dark Web.

You can follow and support our friend, ally and muse Zirconia Starfighter in the following links, and don't forget to wish her a Very Happy Birthday!:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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