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The Bitcoin Trap Part II

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A Christmas party doesn't seem at first the place to look for a sinister network that kidnaps people to mine Bitcoins with their brains, but when that party is a private event, with invitation only access and a ridiculously high level of security, then we maybe unto something. The gathering point was an exclusive hotel in Saint-Tropez. Getting the intel and the invitations required the use of our finest hacker skills, but we made it on time. My good friend Zirconia Starfighter chose an spectacular Christmas outfit that draw the attention of everyone, allowing me to proceed with discretion and avoid the heavily armed security detail. The hosts appeared just late enough to have all the guests waiting for their arrival. They were, like the guests, young and rich. The party, we found out, was not in the hotel, but in a luxury yacht. That fit with the policy of the network of not staying in one place for long.

Zirconia Starfighter, a brave and beautiful cyberwarrior

In the ship, while the hosts tried unsuccessfully to lure Zirconia Starfighter in their net, though I am not sure what they were more interested in, if her brain or her body, I took a trip to the "bathroom". A good enough excuse to wander around the place while pretending to be a bit drunk. Most guests were already fully immersed in the "digital paradise", a vastly overrated 3D simulator, where they were praised by rudimentary AIs and had fun playing blatant copies of famous videogames. Their bodies were watched carefully by most of the security guards, what allowed to find the servers and gain access to them. I could confirm that the party was one of the operations that the network had running around the world. Not only that but a list of incoming events with places, times and guests. I also learned their quite unsubtle name, Elysium. Zirconia Starfighter got plenty of info too, about the hosts, who were very happy to talk, and their network, which they see as a, wait for it, company that will disruptive how we experience reality. These days anything techno related must be disruptive. They have made the word totally meaningless.

I have waited to publish this entry until now, because with the intel we gathered, we have been able to strike major blows to their operations, saving hundreds of people in the process. For now, Elysium has retreated and we have heard they have asked for help to our old enemy, the nefarious Academy, but it's clear that we have made a new enemy, for all the right reasons.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!, Gwen Marsters

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