jueves, diciembre 14, 2017

The Bitcoin Trap

Zirconia Starfighter, cyberwarrior, ready to go fight injustice in the Deep Web

The sooner I write that we would be teaming up soon with the amazing Zirconia Starfigther to fight Evil lurking in the darkest corners of Internet, the sooner it happens. As you must probably know, the value of Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency has been rising a lot lately, to the point that many are warning that the Bitcoin is a bubble that will eventually explode. The promise of a fast way to wealth has led many people to set all kinds of traps to use other people's computer to mine Bitcoins. For example, scripts embedded on websites that over the computer. But we are not here to talk about those traps, as they are easily blocked. We are concerned with far more nefarious ones.

Cyberwarrior Gwen Marsters doing techno magic with one of her tools.

We have detected traps to mine Bitcoins that have moved from CPUs or GPUs to brains of living beings, specially human beings. Right now, our reliable allies, the brave cyberwarriors Zirconia Starfighter and Gwen Marsters are tracking a massive operation that lures people on promises of tasting true immersive virtual reality to turn their brains into parts of a distributed living computer. We suspect that mining Bitcoins is just a test of its true potential. The minds behind these operation don't seem to have any kind of affiliation, so they may end up selling their services to the highest bidder. You can bet the farm that the Evil and supremely corrupt Academy will be interested in this computer. That why it's so vital that we put a stop to this atrocity. If you have any clue regarding this conspiracy against humanity feel free to write us. I trust our allies will lead us right to the criminal's doorsteps. We will keep you informed.

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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