martes, diciembre 19, 2017

The Bitcoin Trap Part I

As my colleague and friend Patrick Von Steiner wrote last week, we have been investigating a massive international operation that lures people on false promises of enjoying a fully immersive virtual reality to use their brains to mine Bitcoins. Not just Zirconia Starfighter and myself, but also Masuimi Max, Alice Ayers, King Bluetooth... have been following clues all over the world. Many of them led nowhere but some of them proved valuable. We know that we are dealing with a big network that works for the highest bidder and has access to very advanced technology. The Evil Academy seems to allow them to operate with absolute immunity, what makes us think that they must be one of their clients.

Tracking the new menace

This network doesn't seem to have fixed headquarters or labs, to avoid detection by authorities less tolerating with their criminal enterprises that the corrupt Academy. We are narrowing their favorite areas of operations using missing cases of people of interest for them. Young tech savvy people disappointed with their lives are clearly their number one target. It's no wonder that we are tracking them now mostly in Silicon Valley, Tokyo and other areas known by their technology companies and shops. It should be obvious that we should be careful when offered promises as digital paradises or getting a glimpse of the singularity, but given the too often not very bright look of the present, we must remember that those promises are usually traps, like this one. Know that we are working hard to put an end to this Bitcoin trap.

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!, Gwen Marsters

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