domingo, noviembre 17, 2019

Mayuko Daimon: Under the sea

Under the sea

I bring you today a very interesting project the costume designer and model Mayuko Daimon has been doing lately. Photographs under the sea, where she explore its capacity to recover from tragedy. It's very inspiring seeing how life can reclaim places wrecked by all sorts of catastrophes. It makes me at least to see the future with a more optimistic perspective. Besides, the bottom of the sea has always felt like another world, which is ironic given how most of our planet is covered by water, making that "alien landscape" the most usual. But not for us.

Another interesting issue brought by her work is if we could adapt to live under the sea after a great tragedy. Reading her post made me think of Atlantis. Pop Culture uses it a lot, and more often than not, their inhabitants have become citizens of the sea. Sea Namor in Marvel Comics or Aquaman in DC Comics. After my years of research as a challenger of the unknown, I can say that there are species living in the sea that you have only seen in fiction (comic books, movies,...) but are real, but their existence will be denied as long as the evil Academy is in control of the official (neutered) science. That's why it's so important that artists talk freely and ignite debates such as this one, because they may bring light to the Truth that is kept hidden from the general public.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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