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The mystery of the cursed house Part III

"Welcome, prepare to die." Those words coming from a giant mutated wolf would have scared most people, but they didn't impress the Mighty Goddess Hiliana. She stared firmly at the beast and pointing at it with her right hand, she ordered it to identify itself. "Don't underestimate the Powers who rule this house, fake divinity, I may be just a servant but my Masters have given me enough strength to fulfill my duties", answered the beast showing its teeth dripping blood. The insult didn't go unnoticed and the punishment was inmediat. A precise blow to the beast's forehead, so quick it gave the impression she hadn't moved, only the dark blood in her left hand gave it away. The beast fell down on the brink of death, calling its Masters, warning them about the Goddess, now fully accepting her divine nature. Hiliana allowed herself to smile as she walked past the now defeated beast.

The Mighty Goddess Hiliana

There were more dead bodies, some in riot gear, other in civilian clothes. Some of them had phone and selfie sticks. It was a bizarre mixture of soldiers and instagrammers who have died for money and fame respectively. Why had the academy left the influencers get inside the house? Were all of those dead people at the same time in the house? It was impossible to establish a chronology and our ally didn't see a point at that moment in taking the effort to do it as she couldn't see how it could help her to find Sir Jaycob Morley, her main goal. The only thing clear to her was that all this death wasn't the work of only the "wolf she had just dealt with. There had to be more servant of whoever or whatever ruled the house. She didn't have to wait for long to meet another of the servants. A huge man in a silver armour blocked her way. He had two swords. "I can smell the blood of poor Payne Le Rouge on you, you must have made a number on him, but that's what you can expect from a Goddess." Said the man. "So that was the beast's name, nice to know, and who are you, shining knight and who do you serve?" Replied our friend. "If you wish to know the answer to both question, you must defeat me in a proper duel, no tricks." Said while he offered one of his swords to the Goddess. "Let's fight, but isn't there a better place for our duel than this corridor filled with corpses?" "There is indeed, take this sword and follow me, you don't want to get lost here. There are worse things than me." This servant seemed more formidable than the last one, for starters, he had won her respect, something the other couldn't even dream of. The duel would be epic, but that will be in the next chapter.

To be continued...

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