miércoles, noviembre 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Alice!!!

Happy Birthday!

A true hero never really takes a day off, not even their birthday, an our ally, the amazing cyber warrior Alice Ayers is one of the best. Once again, she has managed to obtain valuable intel about our enemies. The evil alliance set up on the dark side of the Moon is ready to strike again. You may remember that the last time, they took down our website for a couple of days with many more. As you can guess, their next attack will be more ambitious, and we have a very good idea about how and when it will be. But we can't divulge that information yet. We must get ready to thwart their plans, but first we will celebrate this day with the brilliant Alice Ayers. Let's wish her the best, she deserves it!

A Greek Goddess

You should follow and support our friend and ally Alice Ayers in her official Instagram account:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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