martes, agosto 15, 2023

An aclaration

Despite the well deserved fame of this place as a swamp of lies, where even the most clear messages get twisted beyond recognition to fit the absurd theories of Patrick Von Steiner, my esteemed colleague Rising Phoenix fell in the trap of these lowlifes, this scum. She never intended to profess any interest at all in the Greek cybercriminal known as Alice, much less of a romantic nature. She is a professional entirely devoted to keep and increase Knowdledge of all fields. She is an important member of the Hight Table of Wisdom. I won't let her bright reputation to be questioned by petty con artists. You may attend our exclusive party to find out more about our magnificent Philosopher's Stone, but you may not leave alive. It's not a threat, it's an advice you don't deserve.

My dear Roaring Lion, I am no damsel in distress, though I wellcome the firm embrace of your strong arms anytime. I don't need you to defend my reputation in this wretched place. That Greek cybercriminal will learn a hard lesson when we meet again. If she thinks that I will try my hardest to gain her affection, she is so wrong. I haven't chosen an expensive dress and jewels to impress her. I am not doing exercise routines every day to be at my best. I haven't printed her last picture poster size and hanged on the door of my bedroom. I haven't bought her the finest shoes so I can touch her feet. I don't shake with emotion picture us kissing. No, that would be outrageous. Alice, you will learn the high cost of lying! Be sure to attend the party.

Really? Why don't you just send her flowers and a love letter? This is embarrasing. It's been a waste of time and effort. Thankfully, only a bunch of losers read this blog, so the damage is well contained. I will have to keep an eye on you during the party. The star of the show is the Philosopher´s Stone, not your desperate crush on an enemy.

The Academy will prevail!

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