jueves, agosto 10, 2023

Liar, Alice, liar!

I knew that being an ally of the infamous Pop Culture fanatic and pseudo reasearcher Patrick Von Steiner meant that the so called cyberwarrior Alice would be a consumate liar but I didn't think that she had the brazen temerity of making up so big and insulting ridiculous lies that would feel far fetched even in the corniest fairy tales. We, The Hight Tabled of Enlightened Wisdom always act as expected from members of The Academy. We are proud of our achievement. Many failed before us in their attempt to create The Philosopher's Stone. We did it. The stone is ours. Of course we are showing it to like minded individuals, and we have discussed its many applications. None of them sound ripped from the pages of something as vulgar as a comic book. We only drink from the Highest Sources of Knowledge, never from the smelly and dark pits of mass manufactured Pop Culture. We take our job very seriously unlike other people.

The Rising Phoenix and The Roaring Lion

It even goes without saying that everything about my behaviour is a blatant lie. My interest in my well cultivated teammate is purely academic. We are not animals in heat. But that's not the biggest lie. That honor lies in everything concerning my conversation with Alice. I wasn't drunk, much less flirting with her. I wasn't trying to get intimate with her when I didn't held her hand. My heart wasn't racing like a F1 car. I haven't been dreaming since that fateful night with her divine face and body. I do not think and much less speak to my colleagues of her as The Greek Goddess that stole my heart. It's not like I am counting the days until we meet again, hoping, wishing, we shall kiss. No, I will treat her with the cold and disdain that our enemies deserve. I would never tell her the truth about our Philosopher's Stone.

The Academy will persevere!

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