lunes, agosto 07, 2023

The Upstarts

As my friend, the famous challenger of the unknown Patrick Von Steiner said recently, I have been tracking this new group of young and greedy academics we call the Upstarts. It hasn't been difficult as they driven by easy and fast money as their rivals from Elysium. Criptocurrencias and NFTs have been replaced by the new shiny toy, generative AIs. Texts, images, videos... Anything can be done with these brand new algorithms, specially money. But it's Summer, so it's not just business, it's party and party hard. We are dealing here with young academics, not the traditional elders that sip expensive wine in their castles while contemplating all the precious artifacts they have pillaged. The Upstarts love to have fun. They have their own take on the old slogan. Drugs, alcohol and rock and roll. But don't expect nothing memorable from them. They are nothing like their presumptuous name of The High Table of Wisdom would indicate.

Despite allegedly knowing my work with Steiner and threating me here, in this very blog, I have danced with them in exclusive night clubs. Rising Phoenix, the lady who acts as their voice here seems to be far more worried trying to impress her team mate Roaring Lion, a presumptuous man with an inflated ego, with terrible moves. Other activitie they engaged in was exchanging insults with members of Elysium. Luckily for them The Great Gorynych didn't see them as a threat, more like a group of frat bros and sisters horsing around. However, their main goal seems to be selling the services of their brand Philosopher's Stone, a red ruby like stone as big as chicken's egg.

Rising Phoenix, completley drunk and in an unexpected overtly friendly tone if not outright flirtuous, told me in painstakenly detail while holding my right hand that it can turn lead into gold as the legends said but also induce specific mutations in living beings, granting them superhuman habilities or turning them into nightmarish monstrosities. It sounded right from a comic book. Sadly academics apparently don't have comic books on the curriculum and was very perplexed when I explained to her that the idea of changing some living being DNA to grant it new habilities wasn't news to me as Pop Culture is filled with examples. She left with a bussiness card and an invitation for a party hosted by her group. I wonder if she is aware or if she even remembers the conversation. Hopefully I will learn more about them. It will be on board a massive luxury yacht owned by the Academy. I am ready to make the most of this new opportunity.

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