sábado, agosto 12, 2023

Ready to party

My dear Rising Phoenix, there is no need to hide your true feelings, much less in this blog, which is as free from the censorship of your beloved Academy as any place can be. Don't you realize how your own words betray your supposed intention? You wanted to sound like a cold academic yet you can't even get the name of your group straight. Or is that The Hight Tabled of Wisdom didn't feel enough so you chose to add Enlightened? But that just the first of many funny "mistakes". Are you even trying to deny anything at alll or are you asking me out? After reading your entry a few times, it seems quite clear that you can't stop thinking about me, and not in the way that one would expect from declared enemies. Rest assured, we sall meet again at your private and exclusive party. Meanwhile to keep your imagination running as hot as your words, you can see me once more, your Greek Goddess.

I am looking forward to the party. Will you bring your Philosopher's Stone? I expect a proper demonstration of its amazing habilities. Something worthy of the long and rich history of Alchemy. If you can deliver on the hype you created the other day and not just among your potential clients, you may get that kiss you so desperately want. I am a woman of my word. See you soon!

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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