viernes, junio 07, 2024

Homunculus in Las Vegas

We knew that there were three homunculus who looked like the enigmatic Augustus Severinus Píngolas after the total sun eclipse exposed the true nature of the prisoners of the Upstarts. I have news. There are more. Turns out, whatever happened when the master of disguise tinkered with the Upstart's flawed Philosopher's Stone must have created a lot of them. I have spotted at least two in Las Vegas, but there could be more. Both were playing and winning the casinos, changing their look enough to avoid the unwanted attention of the security of those casinos. We know casinos don't like losing money and if you win too much they flag you and things get messy.

As a cyber warrior with experience, those changes were not enough to throw me out of their tracks. They are aware of the situation of the three prisoners, bu they don't seem to care at all. They are focused on winning as much as possible while having fun. They are also in contact with others. It seems they are planing a gathering once they have the right amount of money. I'll keep them under watch. I have also notices that I am far from the only one who is after them. That could become a problem. I'll keep you updated.

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May Isis guide and protect you!

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