miércoles, junio 26, 2024

Stop this nonsense!

This whole homunculus business has gotten way out of hand. At first there were just our three guests, but now they are popping all over the world, and for some reason they seem to gravitate towards casinos. It seem the only person who still has to lay her hands on one is that rude warrior. It's almost a safe bet that she will the next to announce in this sad and miserable blog that a new bunch of homunculus has been spotted and acquired. If we know something about that lab creature is that she is good at getting specimens or parts of them for her collection. We are waiting for your update, Arya Darkstorm. You better be up to your reputation. Your boss wouldn't be happy if you fail her.

My beloved Alice

But Arya is far from the only one who must speak in this sordid corner of the Internet. Augustus Severinus Píngolas, you filthy saboteur, you miserable bastard, how many of these homunculus have you created? Is your ego so massive that you wanted to fill the world with your duplicates? Is there even a point to all this? Is this you way to ellude our Justice? Speak now!!! You can do it on your own or we will force the words out of your bloody mouth when we find you. I will lay you chained up at the feet of magnificent Alice as a trophy and you will seek forgiveness but you will get nothing but pain and misery. We swear! Hang on there my beloved, you won't have to wait much. I dream with your perfect body and mind so much that I am afraid I will go mad. But I must deal with our enemy first, no matter what my heart needs.

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Rising Phoenix
The Academy will prevail!

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