viernes, junio 14, 2013

Smoke and mirrors Part IV

The room was red and dark, only some candles provided enough clarity to see the people gathered. The manager of the Hyperion Hotel felt very proud of himself. As he had predicted, the actress had come looking for her missing sister. When he laid eyes upon her, he knew his plan was right, she was the perfect image for the doppelganger. As beautiful and classy as only a Hollywood star could be, although he thought her talent was wasted in stupid B or Z movies. He only had to guide her to a room and prepare the invocation ritual. And it had worked...until that man got away with her. And for that reason he had been summoned. He had dealt with the writer and others before her. He felt pretty confident. His partners, however, didn't share his optimism. With their faces partially hidden under red and golden hoods, asked for explanations and told him that an agent would take care of her. He could keep the writer as his pet, but the actress was theirs. He was not in position to discuss, so he accepted. They left with the doppelganger, who started to get used to our dimension.

Sarah Devlin was more nervous than when she had found her sister was missing, her experience at the Hotel had pushed her to the limits. What was that thing? It didn't that the detective had been busy since they arrived at his apartment reading old books and checking a complex machine made of metal and stone, which purpose eluded her. Had her sister been attacked by a similar creature? Were they supplanting real people with those things? As he closed a thick book with bronze covers, he said. "The Order of Zadhon, we have faced them before." "We?" She replied. "I am not the lonely detective of a pulp novel, I have allies and friends. This Order has deals with creatures from other dimensions. Sometimes they give them sacrifices, not necessarily human or bring them here with invocation rituals as the one you witnessed. Them they set them free to enjoy our world. We must go back and stop them." "How are we supposed to that? I for one feel completely out of my field" "You underestimate yourself, I have weapons here but they are not enough, to break their magic, their game of smoke and mirrors, I need you. You know how to play a different person, and that's exactly what you are gonna do." As he finished, he handed her a surprisingly light book about a kind of alien goddess. It felt soft and cold. Weird, like not made on Earth. "It's not in English but you will understand it anyway, think of it as a universal language."

It looked like a new statue but the manager and the employees knew better. It was not the first time it was there, when things got risky for their business, the Order sent it and got things straight. It was very big, had four arms and horse-like legs. Its face was covered under a helmet and in every hand there was a sword. The skin looked and felt like stone but looking with enough attention, you could tell it was alive. It was at a strategic place, waiting for the enemies of the Order. They had got away but it was sure they would come back. Their kind always did it, expecting to defeat its masters, failing and dying at its hands. Mirrors were placed too, the manager knew his job, after all he had been using those mirrors for a long time and had mastered them. They were real magic, as its preys were going to find soon.

To be continued in...Part V

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