miércoles, septiembre 30, 2009

In the spider's nest: Welcome to London

Greetings, my dears, I had a very interesting day. After some meetings with incredibly presuntuous people I managed to get into the new headquarters of the Academy in London. They are still cleaning the mess of the fall of the brand New World. The name of his creator has become a taboo in these rooms. However they can't forget him, in fact looking at their faces I can say that his ghost haunts them in their nightmares along with the usual things. It doesn't help the increasing activity of his followers, who pray for his return every single day. That's why they gave the green light so fast to the Illustrated Legion, a name full of irony as it is formed by the most brutal and vicious scum you may have ever heard of. They think they need an army to protect themselves from everything, old allies and enemies alike. They see a menace in every corner, in every shadow... They wanted to cut their relations with Zeta Reticuli but the mad scientist who decided to stay made them change their plans. Now they live as kings in Berlin, shouting orders from their ill little bodies, claiming vengenace againt the ultimate warrior, Jenna Starblade, my lovely friend.

Lady Atalanta, dressed to spy.

Gathering info from different and fairly reliable sources I have found out that the new direction of the Academy is completely new, there is only one Regent left from the old Regime, one of the most mediocre and forgetable ones, Theodore Stapleton Senior. Except for him their identities are unknown. It's said they were chosen directly by the Elders, the true power behind the Academy, from their secret haven. They are 10 again, the magic number. Some pitagorian academics thought that the defeat of the Academy was due to the division of the Regents in two groups. It's so delicious to hear such superstitious comments in the House of Reason and Logic. A number is broken and all goes to hell. Patrick would have loved it. Well, my dear friends, I have to leave you , I need to get ready for a very special party.

See you, may Isis ve with you! Hugs and kisess, Lady Atalanta.

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