lunes, septiembre 14, 2009

Patrick Von Steiner introduces Lady Atalanta

Lady Atalanta is a valuable ally, from a noble Greek family. Her past is mostly a mystery, a delightful puzzle that increases her already irresistible appeal. She has never revealed her surnames and only hinted that they have enabled her to meet very powerful people from her native country. She is named after the famous Argonaut and skilled fighter, a smart choice clearly. Sophisticated and professional, she infiltrates anywhere no matter how exclusive it is and fulfills her mission effectively. Normally it is to eliminate enemies of humanity, parasites that feed on the suffering of others. Some vermin have described her as an elite killer. I see her instead as an avenging angel who punishes the wicked.

Lady Atalanta, drawn by the fabulous artist Pater

The reason of her membership in the Resistance is the only episode from her youth that may be considered public domain, because it has been used by mediocre writers hired by the Academy to show her as unbalanced. In her early teens she took a trip to the magical island of Delos that would change her life forever. There, in a unique environment, she met the first officer of the Delos Expedition, the wise Isis. In the remains of a forgotten temple she was revealed the true origin of mankind and the countless external and internal threats we face. It was a revelation, a moment of clairvoyance. She left her family, which hid the incident and stayed to live on the island of Delos under the watchful tutelage of Isis. Years later we met at a UFO conference in Zurich. She introduced herself with a letter of recommendation signed by the very Isis and I accepted her immediately. Since then she has played a key and discrete role, obtaining information and removing pieces from the game board, leaving no trace, like a ghost. Now it is the time to give her the recognition she deserves, as she faces the greatest challenge of her career, that you can follow on this blog.

May Isis guide and protect her!

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