lunes, septiembre 25, 2023

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The inner circle of the Upstarts is missing. Since they were vanished by Augustus Severinus Píngolas in their new animal like forms, nobody has any clue about their whereabouts or their condition. The master of disguise has kept the secret, and insists that they need time to accept their new bodies. I must admit that I feel sad about them, specially for Rising Phoenix, who seemed more interested on earning my favor than ruling the world as the next bosses of the Academy. As for the rest, with the exception of the jealous Roaring Lion I barely know them.

Without their leaders, the Upstarts are going through a crisis, but the Academy has plenty of experience with that, so I wouldn't worry too much. However, I think we must keep an eye on them as much as search for their missing leaders. I think Augustus Severinus Píngolas went to far to prove that they weren't worthy of the Philosopher's Stone and may have created a huge threat for the world. Plus it's not like seeing six people turned into monsters, one of them a literal burning one doesn't leave a strong impression. The party ended but the aftermatch just begun.

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