miércoles, septiembre 20, 2023

The Philosopher's Stone

From my seat at the main table I had a privileged point of view for the show. Not bad for an alleged minor guest according to the male teen in a man's body Roaring Lion. An opinion that didn't seem to be shared by any of his mates, especially Rising Phoenix, who didn't stop looking at me not for even a second. Four soldiers of the Academy dressed as knights entered the room with a big golden egg, a bit like the thing in the picture. The six main members of the Upstarts met them at the stage and received the egg. Its content was obvious for everyone.

After giving a speech every one of them, they proceeded to open the egg. Rising Phoenix was more emotional than the rest and said something about touching other people's hearts that added to the way that she was looking at me made it look more like a romantic declaration than whatever it was supposed to be. Anyway, inside the egg there was a bright red diamond shaped jewel, The Philosopher's Stone. The result of their experiments in the Earth's center. What followed was like a magic show mixed with a business pitch. We saw some trinkets made of lead turned into gold and a lights and smoke show where some humble and small animals got an "upgrade", becoming mostly bigger and with more bright colors. But then, when our hosts were enjoying their presentation far more than the guests, someone joined them in the stage. The same someone we found when we arrived to the place were Agartha was no more. Augustus Severinus Píngolas. I knew that there were friends at this private party since the moment I got in the yatch that was taking me to the island, but I had no idea that this enigmatic man would be at the party, neither did the hosts who looked at him in disbelief with a smidge of terror. All I could think is that everyone's plan was about to get off the rails.

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