domingo, septiembre 17, 2023

The Party Begins

The very private and exclusive party hosted by the group of academics we know as The Upstarts has begun. Every guest, including myself, got a place and a time. Mine was right in my own city. I was picked up by a fancy car and taken to a yatch, where I met other guests. Then it's when I finally found that the party would start at an island and then continue in a luxury ship that would take us along the Greek coast. The island and the ship are owned both by the Academy. I don't think it's coincidence that they have chosen my country for their special event. I am pretty sure they had plenty of places to choose, even some with deep connections with the history of Alchemy and the search of the Philosopher's Stone, the alleged main focus of the party.

As we make our way to the island, an army of waiters offer us food and drinks. Among them, I have already seen friendly faces that, as I had suspected, have made their way into this very private event without needing an invitation. Who I haven't seen thus far is any of the hosts. I assume they are waiting for us at the island. I am as ready as anyone can be and looking forward to meet the rest of the Upstarts. I wonder what colorful nicknames they have. Are all of them animal based?

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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