lunes, septiembre 18, 2023

Waiting for you

Really, Alice? Maybe my esteemed partner of the High Table of Wisdom Rising Phoenix has an absurd level of interest or even obsession on your persona but I can assure you that we didn't choose the locations for our Party based on your nation. Greece is one of the main births of Western Civilization. I hope you haven't forogotten it during your adventures with that Swiss petty criminal. It makes all the sense that we would pick your country to make a fabulous demonstration of our Philosopher's Stone.

We weren't on the yatch that brings you to the island for a simple reason. There are more in the way. There are more guests, who are far more important than you, and we, the inner circle of the High Table of Wisdom must be here, in the island, making sure that everything is ready for their arrival. This event will be a glorious page in the History of the Academy. A tale for the ages. A true tale, unlike the usual drivel that readers have to endure here.

As I am feeling generous, I will introduce you to the select members of the inner circle of the High Table of Wisdom, the next generation of the Academy:

  • Rising Phoenix
  • Roaring Lion
  • Reigning Eagle
  • Rattling Snake
  • Ravaging Bear
  • Raiding Shark

The Academy will prevail!

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