viernes, septiembre 22, 2023

The Philosopher's Stone unleashed

Augustus Severinus Píngolas didn't lose a moment and started to fiddle with the Philosopher's Stone while the Upstars just looked, as they were too shocked to react. Their guests seemed excited and curious to see what the master of disguise would do. "It's about time you experiment True Alchemy" As he finished that sentence, waves of energy came from the Philosopher's Stone flooding the stage covering the Upstarts. The effects were almost inmediate. Every one of them started to change, adopting features from the creature of their names. It was wild. But something in the process didn't seem right and it wasn't just the unbearable pain they were going through. Even Píngolas was a bit surprised, or as we found out very soon, dissapointed.

While the proud next generation of the Academy lost their human look before our eyes, Augustus Severinus Píngolas showed the PHilosopher's Stone, pointing at cracks that weren't there mere moments ago. "This stone is flawed, as I should have expected from their creators. It works for simple tricks but when you try to do something meaningful with it, it breaks down, leaving only tragedy behind as you can see in our hosts transformation into beasts." The Upstarts now looked and felt like monsters in pain, ready to attack anyone to make it go away. Just before they could something, the master of disguise used one last time the crumbling stone and... they were gone. "Don't worry too much about them. They are as safe as they can be. Wether they retain their human mind or not is unkwnown to me, but they will have a second shot at life. I hope they make better choices this time. And with this, I am afraid it's time to say goodbye. The Party is over." It was bizarre and sudden, but everybody just went along with this abrupt end and left the place. After a while, it was just Píngolas, me and some allies whose identity will remain a secret for now.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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