jueves, septiembre 21, 2023

Enters Augustus Severinus Píngolas

Even under such the well crafted disguise you can see in the picture, everybody knew the person who had just entered the stage bringing the Upstarts's show to an abrupt halt was the legendary man of mystery Augustus Severinus Píngolas. He took control of the party from the hosts in an instant, as they looked petrified, like deer under the light of an incoming truck. He joked that all they were doing with the Philosopher's Stone were merely kid's tricks. The whole turning lead into gold stuff was just a very superficial application of its vast powers. Though it is probably the one everyone knows. Even making animals bigger was nothing more than a shortcut to the traditional selection of the bigger individuals to breed even bigger ones. By the way, that's how modern cows came to be. He feld dissapointed on the Upstarts and told them they had done nothing to deserve their rather presumptuous name of choice, The High Table of Wisdom.

To the horror of the hosts, the guests were delighted with the master of disguise. He said that he had left them to try their best to make a Philosopher's Stone but after making it, they didn't seem to have the slightest clue of how to make a proper use of it. Acting as he was the only adult on the stage, he took the Philosopher's Stone amid the Upstarts protests, who sounded more like raucous children than menacing academics. He made them shut up with a mere gesture and explained that the True Purpose of the Philosopher's Stone is to change oneself, it's to dig inside until our real core emerges, free of impurities. That has been the goal of Alchemy since its beginning, and as our hosts were unable of even grasping the idea, he would give them a firm hand to point them in the right direction. And that's when things went full crazy.

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